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csBackupPlugin is an attempt to provide a simple and easy backup solution for your database and files.

Currently Supported Databases:

Currently Supported File Management Protocols:

  • rsync
  • ftp
  • scp

Database Backup

php symfony backup:db will pull credentials directly from your databases.yml for the specified environment. If you desire special credentials for your backup script, you can pass them directly into the script php symfony backup:db --username=root --password=password --dbname='db1 db2'. If you want to set your script to import multiple databases, you can configure this in your app.yml

      dbname:  [db_prod, db_dev, db_staging]

Some other command options include:

  • email: to receive notification
  • command: to be called by the backup script (default is mysqldump, but could be mysql5dump)
  • backup_dir: absolute path or path relative to your project root for the backup files to be stored.

File Backup

php symfony backup:file is still in development, but works much the same way as the database backup task.
All options are configurable in app.yml and over-ridden by options passed to the task.
Some common options here are

  • source: an array of files/directories to be backed up
  • target: the location for the backup (false for local machine)
  • target_dir: path on the target machine for the backup files

To Do

  • add support for PostgreSQL backup
  • add support for file backup compression
  • clean up configuration structure
  • Amazon S3 support
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