Link words dynamically in your code to link to other pages (similar to "Wikipedia")
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Use hyperwords to link to pages and pieces of content. This automates functionality similar to that seen on


  echo HyperwordToolkit::getInstance()->parseBlock($sf_content, 'p, .description', $excludedWordsArray) ?>

This will take all hyperwords and link them if they are within a p tag or a div of class 'description'. Any basic css selector will work here. You can force content only to render if in a div of class content by passing this selector as the second argument ('div.content').

In your Model:

      HasHyperwords:              ~

This adds a 'hyperwords' field on your model, which contains a comma-delimited list of hyperwords associated with this model. You must have a 'getRoute' method (or another method passed as a "route_method" option to your behavior) in order to redirect to this piece of content's "show" page (or wherever else you'd like it to redirect)

For Example:

  // MyModel.class.php
  function getRoute()
    return '@my_model_show?slug='.$this['slug'];

If an instance of this model has its hyperwords field set to "spontaneous combustion" and a block of content rendered by the Hyperword Toolkit contains the phrase "spontaneous combustion", this phrase will be converted into a link to the appropriate route.

For Example:

$object = new WikipediaLink();
$object['hyperwords'] = 'spontaneous combustion';

// WikipediaLink.class.php
function getRoute()
  return sprintf('', $this['hyperwords']);

// Your content
$content = 'And with spontaneous combustion, you could explode while reading up on symfony plugins.';
echo HyperwordToolkit::getInstance()->parseBlock($content);

// would render below:

And with spontaneous combustion, you could explode while reading up on symfony plugins.