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Adds an images tab to your pages so you can format a group of images really nicely on the frontend

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Page Images Engine for Refinery CMS


This engine does two main things:

  1. Adds a relationship between pages and images
  2. A new "Images" tab will appear when editing a page in the "Pages" section

This allows you to relate one or more images to any page in Refinery which makes it really easy for you to create simple image galleries with lightbox style popups on the front end page views.


Add this line to your applications Gemfile

gem 'refinerycms-page-images', '= 0.9'

Next run

bundle install
rails g refinerycms_page_images
rake db:migrate

Now when you start up your Refinery application, edit a page and there should be a b=new "Images" tab.


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