Automatically generates UUIDs for your bookshelf models
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Automatically generate UUIDs for your models


After installing bookshelf-uuid with npm i --save bookshelf-uuid, all you need to do is add it as a bookshelf plugin and enable it on your models.

let knex = require('knex')(require('./knexfile.js').development)
let bookshelf = require('bookshelf')(knex)

// Add the plugin

// Enable it on your models
let User = bookshelf.Model.extend({ tableName: 'users', uuid: true })


Nothing fancy here, just keep using bookshelf as usual.

// This user is indestructible
let user = yield User.forge({ email: 'foo@bar' }).save()
console.log( // 6b7a192f-6e1c-4dcb-8e57-14ab16d5fdf4


bookshelf-uuid generates UUIDs v4 by default, but you can easily switch to v1 UUIDs or a custom generator.

bookshelf.plugin(require('bookshelf-uuid'), {
  type: 'v1' // Or your own function


git clone
cd bookshelf-uuid && npm install && npm test