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Pattern Planets

This is a pattern game for kids created with Paper.js. It can be played using any HTML5 browser, including on an iPad, but the interaction is different on the iPad. This project has simple examples of using group, color gradient, handling mouse, keyboard and canvas-resize events, cloning, changing position, animating movement, and integrating JavaScript code outside of PaperScript with PaperScript. Also, it has an example of using HTML5 audio tag for sound effects, which are suppressed on the iPad because they are too slow there.

How to play

  • Continue the pattern by dragging a planet from the planet palette to the target marked by the question mark.
  • If you miss the target, the planet will get lost in space!
  • If the planet you drop onto the target does not match the pattern, it will bounce back to the palette.
  • You may also select a planet by typing the initial of its color or by its numerical position in the palette, for example 'r' or '1' for the red planet.
  • On the iPad, you select a planet by tapping on it. Dragging was a little too slow so the interaction was changed here.
  • When you are done, all the planets will orbit around a star. Of course, this would make for a terrible solar system since they are all on the same orbit.
  • You may create your own pattern by changing the option in the select box.

Play at bsiegal.github.com/PatternPlanets.