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Shape Equate

This is a math game for kids created with Paper.js. It can be played using any HTML5 browser and works well on an iPad, especially when held in landscape position. This project has examples of how to create shapes -- using pre-defined shaped paths or manually creating them with lines and/or curves. It also has simple examples of using text, group, handling mouse events, cloning, rotating, changing position, scaling, animating movement, and integrating JavaScript code outside of PaperScript with PaperScript. Also, it has an example of using HTML5 audio tag for sound effects, which are suppressed on the iPad because they are too slow there.

How to play

  • Select a shape by clicking on it (or dragging and dropping it onto your pan).
  • Continue to add shapes until the scale is balanced.
  • If you have added too much, you may remove any shape from your pan by clicking on it (or dragging and dropping it off your pan).
  • When the scale is balanced you will see the equation you have created!

How to play again

  • To try to create a different equation with the same total, you may click the "Clear" button, or you may continue to add and/or remove shapes.
  • To play again with a different total, click the "New total" button.
  • You may also play again by changing the level.


  • Beginner - the total will be between 1 and 20, inclusive.
  • Intermediate - the total will be between 21 and 40, inclusive.
  • Advanced - the total will be between 41 and 60, inclusive.
  • Expert challenges
    • Any shape once - the total will be between 1 and 55, inclusive. You may select any shape, but each shape can only be placed on the pan once.
    • One shape multiples - the total will be a product (composite number aka no primes) between 2 and 60, inclusive. You may select a single shape any number of times, and you may not select any other shape.

Play at bsiegal.github.com/ShapeEquate.