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New Formula: silc-client

Secure Internet Live Conferencing, or SILC in short, is a modern
conferencing protocol which provides rich conferencing features with
high security. One of the main design principles of the protocol was
security. Many of the SILC features are found in traditional chat
protocols such as IRC but many of the SILC features can also be found in
Instant Message (IM) style protocols.

SILC combines features from both of these chat protocol styles, and can
be implemented as either IRC-like system or IM-like system. In fact,
SILC removes the need to make such distinction between these two
protocol styles. Some of the more advanced and security features of the
protocol are new to all conferencing protocols. SILC also supports
multimedia messages and can also be implemented as a video and audio
conferencing system.
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commit f89042dcff0a7d667763384c0659951f88f972a0 1 parent db74b9b
@bsiegel authored
Showing with 28 additions and 0 deletions.
  1. +28 −0 Library/Formula/silc-client.rb
28 Library/Formula/silc-client.rb
@@ -0,0 +1,28 @@
+require 'formula'
+class SilcClient < Formula
+ homepage ''
+ url ''
+ sha1 '51fd1f22dbc1ceb15c6fb1a034eb9a09b72ee708'
+ depends_on 'glib'
+ depends_on 'pkg-config'
+ def install
+ system "./configure", "--disable-debug",
+ "--disable-dependency-tracking",
+ "--prefix=#{prefix}",
+ "--sysconfdir=#{etc}",
+ "--with-perl=no",
+ "--enable-ssl",
+ "--enable-ipv6",
+ "--with-socks",
+ "--disable-asm"
+ system "make"
+ system "make install"
+ end
+ def test
+ system "#{bin}/silc", "-v"
+ end
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