Microwebopolis is an HTML5 port of Micropolis, the original city simulator game
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Microwebopolis is an HTML5 port (sort of) of Micropolis, the original city simulator game.

The port is not currently what you would call a game. Right now rendering works well as does terrain generation. All map editing features have been implemented, and the simulation features have been started. Game saving and loading also works correctly.

After a lot of research and thought I have come to the conclusion that I do not want to implement the original Micropolis city simulation rules. They were very much a reflection of the political views of the author and the technological limitations under which the game was developed. I have no strong political views nor does this project have such strict technical limitations. Therefore I am going to develop a new city simulation method and can continue with this project.

Development Road Map

Milestone Progress
Map Editing 100%
Map Rendering 80%
City Simulation 5%
User Interface 15%
Game Features 15%

Origin and History

This project is based on (but is not actually a fork of) the open-source version of Micropolis for the One Laptop Per Child project.

Micropolis is actually based on the original source code to Maxis's city simulator.

This project was imported from the Google Code repository at https://code.google.com/p/microwebopolis/ (which may or may not still be around when you read this)