Complete code for my "Look Ma, No Servers!" talk.
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Look Ma, No Servers!

This is the demo code for my talk on serverless applications.

Getting Started

Detailed instructions on install/compile/deploy coming soon. If you attended the talk, it should be pretty straightforward.


This demo requires two files to exit in the directory just above this one. Those are:

  • auth0.json - Your auth0 configuration file
  • private.key - Your auth0 signing certificate

The NoServers.Aws project contains readme files that explain both of these files and how to create them.

Basic instructions

  • In the NoServers.Aws directory, update aws-lambda-tools-defaults.json with your information
  • In the NoServers.DataAccess.Aws.Test directory update appsettings.json with your information
  • In the NoServers.Aws directory, update serverless.template with your information. Specifically, you need to update the domain name for your CloudFront distribution and the SSL certificate.
  • Create ../auth0.json
  • Create ../private.key
  • In the NoServers.Web directory, run npm install
  • In the NoServers.Web directory, run npm run build
  • In the NoServers.Web/scripts directory, edit the auth0ClientConfig with your information
  • Build
  • In the NoServers.Aws directory, run dotnet lambda deploy-serverless
  • Copy the contents of NoServers.Web/wwwroot to the S3 bucket attached to your CloudFront distribution.