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My attempt at a dotfiles system. Based loosely on and various projects listed on

Stow configuration inspired by


##Usage Place dotfiles in home directory

make install

Include platform specific files:

make install PLATFORM=[osx/flux/etc.]

Restore original dotfiles in home directory

make restore


  • Vim
    • Thesaurus
    • Figure out path completion for several filetypes.
    • Automatically make virtualenv in .vim for neovim/jedi/etc. packages.
  • Git
    • portable difflatex
  • Bash
    • Don't source .bashrc and .bashrc_local more than once.


  • I seem to have settled on some design principles:
    • Branches are not for different platforms (because merging is hard),
    • instead, everything in home/ should be cross-platform (because somehow this is easier...?)
    • and platform/ is used for specific code.
    • This project is not meant for bootstrapping installations, although it does do some of that when necessary for getting a new system configured.
      • Perhaps I should make a bootstrap project to pair with it...?
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