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GTORK: Garmin to RunKeeper

A simple Flask application, allowing users to upload their Garmin Connect activities to Runkeeper


My wife's been using Runkeeper for a long time and likes the interface, incluing the Runkeeper Pro graphs, but she also likes to use her Garmin Watch to actually record the activities (as it is more accurate & convenient).

While Runkeeper has a decent (although incomplete) API, Garmin requires a $5,000 payment to even try the API(really!). We default to scraping the website. As I have no desire to store Garmin login credentials, they are kept in the user's browser and sent with each request - non ideal, but allows this to generalize beyond one user.


An initial implementation is complete

TODOs & Known Issues

  • Garmin login should be checked when the details are provided
  • General UI improvements, especially the header
  • Users may want to override the GPS distance calculations and use the total distance instead (e.g. partial GPS data)
  • Optionally enable the Runkeeper pause-detection
  • Runkeeper does not use our heart rate when no GPS data is supplied. This seems like it might be a known issue. Consider providing avg heart rate in this case
  • Support for more activity types, including stationary walking & cycling.