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Based on "Easy Rails Asset Handling with HTML5 & S3" by The HARVEST (Matt Beale). Credit to him for this excellent guide.

  • plupload has been included to only used the html5 runtime.
  • CSRF issues are handled with middleware (Ref)

Thanks in particlar to t4nkd (Jon-Paul Lussier) for his patience, advice, and monumental support!


Place the following into config/s3_credentials.yml taking care to update the AWS S3 access credentials as well as bucket name and related settings.

development: &defaults
    :access_key_id: AAAA-YOURKEY
    :secret_access_key: 23423423454534YOURKEY
    :use_ssl: true
    # :persistent: true
  bucket: s3_dev
  max_file_size: 10485760
  acl: public-read

  <<: *defaults
  bucket: s3_dev

  <<: *defaults
  bucket: s3_dev

  <<: *defaults
  # prefix is optional. This is where you would put your CloudFront Domain
  # Name or your CloudFront CNAME if you have one configured.
  #prefix: ""
  bucket: s3_dev

How did this app come to be?

harvest_s3_upload_html5 is based on a clone of CoreApp. While 'pre-fabbed' apps are frowned upon, this is fairly current, 3.1.1 was only released few days ago, and it has a fully working TDD/BDD stack setup.


CoreApp is Copyright (c) 2010-2011 Michael de Silva (@bsodmike & G+), and is released under MIT-LICENSE.