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Combining Omniauth with Authentication from scratch Railscasts

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This is based on implementing Omniauth thanks to the excellent two-part Railscasts on Omniauth (Part 1, Part 2) by Ryan Bates with a twist — integrated with authentication from scratch rather than Devise.

Authentication — How it works...

The app allows users to either authenticate (and create a user with an associated authentication) or sign up for an account with password access. This concept has been built upon as

  • If a user authenticates against a service and later signs up for a regular account, re-authentication will merge the authentication with the current user account and delete the prior account. The prior account is deleted as a measure to ensure that email isn't taken up in the app as this is validated for uniqueness in its model .
  • New accounts created as a result of simply authenticating with a service are subjected to model validations and prompts for an email address — the password and password_hash fields remain as nil.
  • Accounts only created against an authentication are only allowed to delete their authentication if they have more than one (as their password & hash are nil)
  • Since the password/hash fields are nil for accounts created purely against an authentication, logging in with just the email (blank password & confirmation) raises a BCrypt::Errors::InvalidSalt exception. This is rescued to route to the sign up path with an appropriate message.
  • Logged in users are correctly handled if they attempt to visit /sign_in or /sign_up.


Here are the important routes — to give one a sense of the various controllers and actions in play.

                           /auth/:provider/callback(.:format)  {:controller=>"authentications", :action=>"create"}
       auth_failure        /auth/failure(.:format)             {:controller=>"authentications", :action=>"failure"}
           sign_out        /sign_out(.:format)                 {:controller=>"sessions", :action=>"destroy"}
            sign_in        /sign_in(.:format)                  {:controller=>"sessions", :action=>"new"}
            sign_up        /sign_up(.:format)                  {:controller=>"users", :action=>"new"}
               root        /(.:format)                         {:controller=>"authentications", :action=>"index"}


Here's thanking those that have inspired and assisted, in no particular order.

  • Ryan Bates
  • workmad3
  • SpaceGhostSC
  • samuelkadolph
  • sheldonh
  • #RubyOnRails
  • ...anyone I may have forgotten to mention.


Multi-Auth (Omniauth-scratch) is Copyright (c) 2010-2011 Michael de Silva (@bsodmike & G+), and is released under MIT License.

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