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* 2010-11-15
* Fixed by yixster: If the startUploading call is made after calling stopUploading, only the first file in the queue is successfully uploaded.
* 2010-08-27
* Flash Player 10.1 did not allow ExternalInterface to pass a FileReference object to Javascript
So I added a toJavascript function that converts FileReference into simple Objects with only three attributes:
- name
- size
- type
* Also, S3Queue now has it's own toJavascript function. The queue that gets passed through to the Javascript now
has a much more meaningful attribute of 'files' instead of 'source'
* 2010-05-27
* The flex application in this fork was completely re-written so that there are no flash or flex UI components.
The one exception to that is the browse button, which, for security purposes MUST be flash.
But even then, you get to pass the URLs for images to use for that button!
* Created by people way smarter than I
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