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Script: OriginsbyDay_Hubway2016.sql
Purpose: Script to generate table that stores the origins by day for each hubway station
for 2016
To improve visualization, a case statement bins the origin totals.
Date: March 2017
drop table public.originsbyday_2016;
create table public.originsbyday_2016
DayofYear int,
DateVal date,
Station varchar(255),
TotalStarts int,
StartCat int
--Add start station Geometry Column
SELECT AddGeometryColumn ('public','originsbyday_2016','geom',4326,'MULTIPOINT',2);
insert into public.originsbyday_2016
select extract(doy from a.starttime) as DayofYear,
cast(a.starttime as date) as DateVal,
count(*) as TotalStarts,
when count(*) = 0 then 0
when count(*) between 1 and 10 then 1
when count(*) between 11 and 25 then 2
when count(*) between 26 and 50 then 3
when count(*) between 51 and 75 then 4
when count(*) between 76 and 100 then 5
when count(*) between 101 and 150 then 6
when count(*) >150 then 7
else 0
end as StartCat,
ST_Collect(s.geom) as geom
from public.hubway_alltips_2016 a
inner join public.hubway_stations s on a.ss_name = s.station
group by cast(a.starttime as date),
extract(doy from a.starttime),
order by extract(doy from a.starttime),