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VS2015 Dark Theme for Notepad++


This is as close as I can get to a replica of the Visual Studio 2015's Dark theme in Notepad++. I created it to ease switching between files opened in Visual Studio and Notepad++. Particularly close attention has been paid to C, C++, and XML but a number of other languages have been tested.


  1. Right Click HERE and select Save As to download the theme.
  2. Go to %APPDATA%\Notepad++.
  3. Open themes folder, create a new folder named themes if it doesn't exists.
  4. Place downloaded .xml file inside the folder.
  5. Restart Notepad++.
  6. Open Settings->Style Configurator.
  7. Select VS2015-Dark from the theme drop-down box.
  8. Click Save & Close


Load stylers.xml failed!!


If you find anything else wrong, feel free to let me know.



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