BlockBreaker mod for Minecraft (formerly ConnectedDestruction). Triggers a chain reaction block harvest effect when breaking a configured block. Requires bspkrsCore.
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DaftPVF's BlockBreaker (formerly ConnectedDestruction) mod for Minecraft. Triggers a chain reaction block breaking effect when a configured block is harvested. This repo contains source files for Forge (dependant on bspkrsCore).

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How to install and use the source code

  1. Download the latest recommended MinecraftForge src distribution.
  2. Extract the Forge src zip file and run install.bat/.sh in the forge folder.
  3. Clone this git repo and the bspkrsCore repo ( to whatever locations you like.
  4. Use the eclipse folder in your Forge/MCP setup as your Eclipse workspace.
  5. Under the Minecraft project, add the "src" folder from both git repos as linked folders (rename as necessary) and set them as source folders.
  6. Copy BlockBreaker_dummy.jar from resources/mods to the mcp/jars/mods folder.

How to build from the source code

  1. Download and install Apache Ant on your system. Make sure it is available on the path environment variable.
  2. In the BlockBreaker repo folder, make a copy of build.properties_example and name it
  3. Edit the values in to contain valid paths on your system for each property. Details can be found in build.properties_example.
  4. From a console window run "ant" from the BlockBreaker repo folder. The build will create its output in the bin folder.
  5. Install the resulting mod archive by copying it to the mods folder on the client or server. The Forge version of the mod is universal and works on both the client and the server. Don't forget to build bspkrsCore as well!

Creative Commons License
This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 3.0 Unported License.