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1.8.r01 - 06-Mar-2015
- 1.8 update
- removed retry attempts code (had potential to cause differing generation with the same seed on different world saves)
1.7.10.r02 - 11-Nov-2014
- fixed tooltip messages
- removed dropbox URLs
1.7.10.r01 - 30-Jun-2014
- initial 1.7.10 update
1.7.2.r06 - 8-Jun-2014
- fixed crash due to non-positive method result
1.7.2.r05 - 23-May-2014
- categorized config
- removed world gen delay to improve performance
1.7.2.r04 - 25-Apr-2014
- optimized block movements with regard to block notifications
1.7.2.r03 - 18-Apr-2014
- added config GUI
- added tooltip localizations
1.7.2.r02 - 28-Jan-2014
- fixed shape code to produce same shapes as before
- toyed with default settings some
- fixed snow blocks on the floor of igloos
1.7.2.r01 - 19-Jan-2014
- updated for 1.7.2
- new code for determining island shape
- improved island depth/radius options
1.6.4.r02 - 19-Dec-2013
- refactoring for /frgen command
- added code to prevent islands from spawning in villages
- improved biome blacklist handling code
- improved debug logging
- fixed failed generation retry code
- simplified checks for movable blocks
1.6.4.r01 - 20-Sep-2013
- 1.6.4 update
1.6.2.r03 - 07-Sep-2013
- fixed skeletons not having any weapons o.0
- added code to make Wolves able to spawn in igloo dungeons
- fixed derpy charged creeper code
- prettied up islands that spawn in the sides of hills
1.6.2.r02 - 12-Jul-2013
- fixed village structures that are caught in floating islands
1.6.2.r01 - 10-Jul-2013
- 1.6.2 update
1.6.1.r02 - 09-Jul-2013
- update update
1.6.1.r01 - 05-Jul-2013
- 1.6.1 update
1.5.2.r02 - 24-May-2013
- bspkrsCore update
1.5.2.r01 - 03-May-2013
- updated for 1.5.2
1.5.1.r01 - 23-Mar-2013
- updated for 1.5.1
- fixed issue with spawners/chests when they are raised up with an island
1.5.0.r01 - 15-Mar-2013
- updated for 1.5
- added code to randomize offset from chunk 0,0 block
1.4.6.r06 - 20-Feb-2013
- updated to support bspkrsCore
1.4.6.r05 - 13-Feb-2013
- fixed infinite loop when an island tries to generate at an x,z coordinate that's open to the void
- fixed dimensionIDBlacklist feature
1.4.6.r04 - 05-Feb-2013
- added code to randomize the armor given to mobs
- added dimension and biome blacklists
1.4.6.r03 - 31-Jan-2013
- compatibility update for shared code
1.4.6.r02 - 24-Jan-2013
- added support for SpawnPotentials
- tweaked harderDungeons code to be harder
1.4.6.r01 - 23-Dec-2012
- 1.4.6 update
1.4.5.r03 - 19-Dec-2012
- added more support for mobs.
- added harderDungeons option
- new "Cone" shape for islands
- dungeons close enough to lava will spawn nether mobs (see first screenshot)
1.4.5.r02 - 23-Nov-2012
- removed client class references from main mod
- implemented SidedProxies
1.4.4.r01 - 13-Nov-2012
- updated for 1.4.4
1.4.2.r01a ML - 02-Nov-2012
- fixed tick registration issue with Forge
1.4.2.r01 ML/FML - 29-Oct-2012
- update for 1.4.2
- added code to handle moving chests up with islands (like in a vanilla dungeon or abandoned mineshaft)
1.3.2.r03 ML/FML 04-Oct-2012
- compatibility release for changes in CommonUtils
1.3.2.r02 ML/MLMP/FML 19-Sep-2012
- various fixes to ruins generation (like preventing the boxes from peeking out of the bottom of islands)
- fixed config for blockIDBlacklist in FML version
- added code to handle the case when an island spawns over a vanilla dungeon and moves the spawner
1.3.2.r01 ML/MLMP/FML 17-Sep-2012
- first Forge release
- added options for island radius, island depth (thickness)
- added block ID blacklist
- added option to disable in Superflat worlds
- refactored all code
- tweaked ruins generation
- switched to shared versioning
1.3.2.g - 19-Aug-2012
- Updated for 1.3.2
1.3.1.f - 08-Aug-2012
- first MLMP server release
- tweaked gen code to get the leaves (mostly right)
- updated chest item list
- updated ore generation
- tweaked default settings to make ruins less rare
1.3.1.e - 05-Aug-2012
- updated for 1.3.1
- added version checking
1.2.5.d - 20-May-2012
- added code to reset the seed of the Random object passed in by ModLoader since it can't be guaranteed that another mod has not ­ed with it (I'm looking at YOU Better Dungeons...)
1.2.3.c - 08-Mar-2012
- new config option for island radius variation
- changed the dungeon frame blocks from bricks to stone bricks (I likes them better)
1.2.3.b - 07-Mar-2012
- new config options for base island height and height variation
- support for Jungle biome
- support for y>127
1.2.3.a - 05-Mar-2012
- initial 1.2.3 update
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