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1.6.4.r05 - 14-Oct-2013
- ported existing code to Forge
1.6.4.r04 - 03-Oct-2013
- added keybinding of ALT + I to toggle IngameInfo
- changed registration of /igi command to work with ClientCommandHandler
1.6.4.r03 - 30-Sep-2013
- fixed item damage tags not returning 0 when item is null
1.6.4.r02 - 23-Sep-2013
- refactored item damage tags to use getItemDamageForDisplay()
1.6.4.r01 - 20-Sep-2013
- 1.6.4 update
1.6.2.r03 - 10-Sep-2013
- added new tag <itemquantity[id(,metadata)]>
- added new tag <equippedquantity>
1.6.2.r02 - 17-Jul-2013
- fixed item display names
- added new tags by Lunatrius
- added igi command for reload, enable, disable, and toggle
1.6.2.r01 - 10-Jul-2013
- 1.6.2 update
1.6.1.r02 - 09-Jul-2013
- update update
1.6.1.r01 - 05-Jul-2013
- 1.6.1 update
1.5.2.r01 - 03-May-2013
- updated for 1.5.2
1.5.1.r02 (24-Apr-2013)
- addressed potential issue from mods that don't clean up their texture bindings
- new config handler
1.5.1.r01 - 23-Mar-2013
- updated for 1.5.1
1.5.0.r01 - 15-Mar-2013
- updated for 1.5
1.4.6.r03 - 20-Feb-2013
- updated to support bspkrsCore
- fixed dimension tag to properly support non-vanilla dimensions
1.4.6.r02 - 24-Jan-2013
- added reset code to end of all drawn text
1.4.6.r01 - 23-Dec-2012
- 1.4.6 update
1.4.5.r01 - 21-Nov-2012
- updated for 1.4.5
1.4.4.r01 - 13-Nov-2012
- updated for 1.4.4
- added default config file
1.4.2.r02 (ML) - 02-Nov-2012
- fixed tick registration issue with Forge
1.4.2.r01 (ML) - 26-Oct-2012
- update to 1.4.2
- fixed snowing tag
- small code optimizations
1.3.2.r01 (ML) - 04-Oct-2012
- new tags for <dimension>, <nextrain> (time until rain), <snowing[/]>, <difficulty>, and a bunch for text formatting
- added format parameters for <mctime[]> and <rltime[]>
- fixed <raining[/]>
- fixed a major issue with all middle alignments
- added new config options for x and y screen offsets
- refactored a lot of the code
- shared version checking
1.3.2.k 02-Sep-2012
- added <memtotal>, <memmax>, <memfree>, and <memused> tags
- finally fixed the issues with the various alignment tags
- added option to display info with chat open
- fixed update check logical flaw
1.3.2.j 28-Aug-2012
- changed all world objects to use integrated server in SSP
- added Lunatrius's new info tags (lightfeet, lightnosunfeet, entitiesrendered, entitiestotal, decx, decy, decz, decyfeet, yfeet)
- updated gamemode tag to include Adventure and detect when the player changes the gamemode using /gamemode command
- now includes file
1.3.2.i 19-Aug-2012
- updated for 1.3.2
- fixed slimes tag
- fixed gamemode tag
1.3.1.h 5-Aug-2012
- updated for 1.3.1
- added <lightnosun> tag
- fixed <mctime> tag
- added version checking
1.2.5.g 18-Jun-2012
- added exception handling for a bunch of tags to handle issues when y < 0 or y > 256
1.2.5.f 08-Jun-2012
- fixed methods to get the light level and biome when playing SMP
- added the <irltime> tag to display your local time in-game
- added experimental tag <mctime> which attempts to figure out the in-game world time
1.2.5.e 06-Jun-2012
- added code to <equippedname> to show the number of arrows in your inventory when a bow is equipped
1.2.5.d 04-Apr-2012
- added directional heading tags and equipped armor tags (name, damage, etc for helmet, chestplate, leggings, and boots)
1.2.3.c - 11-Mar-2012
- added tags for <max> and <pct>
- added damage, damage left, and max damage tags for currently equipped item
1.2.3.b - 08-Mar-2012
- new alignment tags for middle and bottom of the screen
1.2.3.a - 05-Mar-2012
- initial 1.2.3 update
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