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2.0.4 - 11-Nov-2014
- 1.7.10 initial update
- fixed Dark Oak vanilla treedef
- fixed tooltip messages
- removed dropbox URLs
2.0.3 - 8-Jun-2014
- removed Multi-Mine code
- fixed various NPE crashes
- fixed maxHorLeafBreakDist
2.0.2 - 24-May-2014
- fix server crash due to GUI class reference
2.0.1 - 23-May-2014
- fix NPE on null itemstacks
2.0.0 - 23-May-2014
- implemented auto axe and tree detection
- new config setting for maximum number of logs allowed in a tree
- new version number format
- better config error handling
- added config versioning
- added config ordering
- IMC message validation
- changed mod ID from "TreeCapitator" to "Treecapitator"
- other miscellaneous changes
1.7.2.r02 - 25-Apr-2014
- refactored config to support config gui
- moved around Ore Dictionary stuff
- refactored config loading to support "hot" reloading
- added enabled setting
- added settings related to drops
- fixed several defects in the break speed code :3
1.7.2.r01 - 19-Jan-2014
- updated for 1.7.2
- new config format
- added option to save IMC messages to local config
1.6.4.r09 - 19-Dec-2013
- fixed NPE when using MultiMine (should also prevent other potential NPEs at same location)
- added automatic MultiMine compatibility
1.6.4.r08 - 18-Dec-2013
- removed Block.blockList[] code due to crashes
1.6.4.r07 - 17-Dec-2013
- removed coremod code in favor of new Forge BreakEvent
- added config setting treeHeightModifier to customize the treeHeightDecidesBreakSpeed handling
- added code to scan the entire block list for unregistered tree blocks (part of the Ore Dictionary scan)
1.6.4.r06 - 27-Oct-2013
- reverted some optimization changes to fix mod tree issues
1.6.4.r05 - 25-Oct-2013
- added option to disable advanced top log logic per-tree to resolve issues with certain mod trees
1.6.4.r04 - 24-Oct-2013
- fixed exploit to bypass treeHeightDecidesBreakSpeed setting
- various optimizations
1.6.4.r02 - 21-Sep-2013
- fixed class transformer derp
1.6.4.r01 - 20-Sep-2013
- 1.6.4 update
1.6.2.r05 - 09-Sep-2013
- added blockIDBlacklist and itemIDBlacklist config settings to allow easy overriding of mod config settings
- fixed NPEs caused by missing mod config properties
1.6.2.r04 - 24-Aug-2013
- fixed obscure NPE
1.6.2.r03 - 19-Aug-2013
- Added new property to jar manifest
- Fixed TreeRegistry being instantiated too early and messing up break speed settings
1.6.2.r02 - 07-Aug-2013
- Added new feature to scan the Forge Ore Dictionary for tree-related blocks that are not registered.
1.6.2.r01 - 10-Jul-2013
- 1.6.2 update
1.6.1.r02 - 09-Jul-2013
- fixed ModLoader block texture issue
- sneaking to chop a single log will use normal break speed again (thanks Lunatrius!)
1.6.1.r01 - 05-Jul-2013
- 1.6.1 update
1.5.2.r02-r13 - 28-Jun-2013
- Nearly complete rewrite.
- Forge config is completely redone for clarity.
- Some config elements can be set on a per-tree basis as well as global defaults.
- The FML IMC (inter-mod communication) system is now utilized to allow other mods to provide their own tree/item configurations. You can configure the priority of user (config file) vs. mod (IMC) configs for cases when a mod is configured both in the config file and by the mod itself via IMC.
- Enchantment mode is now available (yes, it is optional).
- The break speed of log blocks is determined by the height of the tree it belongs to. If you don't like it, set treeHeightDecidesBreakSpeed=false in your config.
- Lots of bug fixes for both existing code and new features.
1.5.2.r01 - 10-May-2013
- udpated last 1.5.1 release to 1.5.2
1.5.1.r01 - 23-Mar-2013
- updated for 1.5.1
1.5.0.r01 - 15-Mar-2013
- updated for 1.5
- resolved 1.5 update hiccups
- hopefully fixed indestructible axes reporting that they are too damaged to chop
- fixed issue with ModLoader version removing leaves from neighboring trees
- added check to prevent duplicate log chopping due to how item damage is applied
1.4.6.r07 - 20-Feb-2013
- updated to support bspkrsCore
- fixed onlyDestroyUpwards setting code
- fixed support for configs generated in 1.4.6.r03 or earlier
1.4.6.r06 - 05-Feb-2013
- fixed client-side chat message
1.4.6.r05 - 31-Jan-2013
- caught ML version up with Forge settings-wise
- finalized latest changes present in 1.4.6.r04
- many new third party configs
- added a few flags to config
1.4.6.r03 - 10-Jan-2013
- fixes crash when loading old config options
- added damageMultiplier back in
- added several new options around item damage
- more flexible 3rd party config setup
1.4.6.r01 - 23-Dec-2012
- 1.4.6 update
1.4.5.r05 - 23-Dec-2012
- fixed issue where user config was not saved properly
- added debug logging (defaults to on)
- added new config section for third-party mod config settings
- added default config entries for Forestry
- added default third-party config setup
1.4.5.r04 - 19-Dec-2012
- added proper SMP solution with handshake
- completely redid config
- thoroughly tested for once!
- added several mods to default config
- added remote config download option
- added strict log -> leaf relationship option
- fixed timeout issue when allowUpdateCheck is false
- added debug output option (shows block ID/Metadata when you click a block while crouching)
1.4.5.r03 - 30-Nov-2012
- fixed issue with block hardness
1.4.5.r02 - 23-Nov-2012
- removed client class references from main mod
- implemented SidedProxies
- retrofitted to 1.3.2.r09 and 1.4.2.r04
1.4.5.r01 - 21-Nov-2012
- updated for 1.4.5
- Forge version is now a CoreMod
- added config element for log block config (Forge only)
1.4.4.r01 (EBXL) - 18-Nov-2012
- updated to 1.4.4
1.4.4.r01 - 13-Nov-2012
- updated for 1.4.4
1.4.2.r03 - 02-Nov-2012
- fixed Forge only issue with shears damage
- fixed ML tick registration issue
1.4.2.r02ML/FML - 29-Oct-2012
- Initial ML release for 1.4.2
- fixed issue with shears breaking
- properly apply damage to shears (fixes issue with IC2 tools)
1.4.2.r01 FML - 26-Oct-2012
- update to 1.4.2
1.3.2.r02 EBXL 16-Oct-2012
- fixed issue with log item names being blank
1.3.2.r08 ML/MLMP/FML - 15-Oct-2012
- small changes to pseudo-API code
1.3.2.r01 IC2 + EBXL
- initial addon release
1.3.2.r07 ML/MLMP/FML - 13-Oct-2012
- refactoring to make mod log block addons possible (pseudo-API)
- changed the way that axes receive damage so that mod items like IC2's chainsaw will work properly
- fixed defect where creative mode would either always work or never work
- changed code for log hardness to be correct
1.3.2.r06 ML/MLMP/FML - 05-Oct-2012
- fixed minor defect affecting trees with only 1 log surrounded by leaf blocks
1.3.2.r05 ML/FML - 04-Oct-2012
- compatibility update for changes in CommonUtils
1.3.2.r04 ML/MLMP/FML - 01-Oct-2012
- fixed issue with leaves remaining when the initial block broken is one level below them
1.3.2.r03 ML/MLMP/FML - 30-Sep-2012
- added code to apply item damage per log block broken (optional)
- added switch to reverse functionality for chopping while sneaking
- added option for maximum log breaking distance
1.3.2.r02 ML/MLMP/FML - 17-Sep-2012
- compatibility update
1.3.2.r01 ML/MLMP/FML - 12-Sep-2012
- massive refactoring of code to make future updates much easier
- initial Forge/FML release for 1.3.2
- added allowUpdateCheck option
- unified version number
1.3.2.k - 04-Sep-2012
- added option to disable downward chopping
- added option to disable creative mode drops
- changed default value of disableInCreative to false
- added option to allow leaves to be sheared when shears are in the hotbar
- added option to allow vines to be sheared when the leaf shearing option is enabled
- mostly fixed jungle tree leaf issues thanks to Lunatrius
1.3.2.j - 19-Aug-2012
- updated client for 1.3.2
- updated MLMP Server for 1.3.2 (1.3.2.d)
1.3.1.i - 07-Aug-2012
- updated client for 1.3.1
- updated MLMP Server for 1.3.1 (1.3.1.c)
1.2.5.h - 27-Jun-2012
- added config option disableInCreative
- added code to check for updates
1.2.5.b FML + MLMP - 27-Jun-2012
- fixed creative mode null pointer exception
- added config option disableInCreative
- added code to check for updates
1.2.5.g - 26-Jun-2012
- fixed Creative mode null pointer exception
1.2.5.f - 19-Jun-2012
- removed destroyed block console logging
- added config option needItem to control whether an item from the ID list is required to chop down a tree
- destroyLeaves is now enabled by default
1.2.5.a (Forge) - 19-Jun-2012
- initial release
1.2.4.e - 31-Mar-2012
- actually fixes SMP glitchiness when chopping trees (tested)
1.2.4.d - 27-Mar-2012
- adds the ability to chop logs normally while sneaking
1.2.4.c - 26-Mar-2012
- first attempt at fixing SMP glitchiness
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