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# This script can be easily called from a subversion hook so that it can send out
# an email anytime that a commit is made to a repository.
# See:
# Dependencies:
# Node.js - The execution platform for this script - download at:
# svnlook - A svn command line program that gets details about a repo - installed as a part of SVN -
# coffee-script - the node module and language that this was created in
# nodemailer - a node module for sending email
# recipients.js - A local node.js module where you can easily configure who receives email for which repos
# Configuration:
# 1. Install node.js and subversion if you have not already
# 2. Place this script and the recipients.js script in a folder, preferably near your SVN repositories
# 3. Open a command window to where you place the files and use npm to install coffee-script and nodemailer
# a. npm install coffee-script
# b. npm install
# 4. Edit the CONFIG below to make it match your email server settings, path to svnlook, etc
# 5. Edit recipients.js to list your repositories, users, and which users get emails for which repos
# 6. Create a post-commit script file in the "hooks" subfolder of your repositories that you want to use this
# a. The script (or DOS batch file) should execute the coffee command with this script, the repo path, and revision as arguments
# b. An example for Windows has been provided
cp = require 'child_process'
path = require 'path'
mailer = require 'nodemailer' # install command: npm install nodemailer
recipients = require './recipients' #
# Output command arguments
console.log i + ": " + process.argv[i] for i in [0..(process.argv.length-1)]
# Configuration - make sure to edit this for your server settings!
FROM: "'Example Sender Name' <>"
TO: recipients(path.basename process.argv[2])
SUBJECT: "[SVN Commit] " + process.argv[3] + ": " + path.basename process.argv[2] # [SVN Commit] REV: Repo
LINEBREAK: "\r\n" # windows line break, change for linux or mac
SVNLOOK: "C:\\svn\\bin\\svnlook.exe"
REPOPATH: process.argv[2]
REVISION: process.argv[3]
REPONAME: path.basename process.argv[2]
# Calls svnlook to retrieve info based on the given command
# - callback is invoked with the 1st parameter containing the info as a string
svnlook = (command, repo, rev, svnlook_callback) ->
spawn = cp.spawn CONFIG.SVNLOOK, [command, repo, '-r', rev]
info = ""
spawn.stdout.on 'data', (data) ->
info += data.toString()
spawn.stderr.on 'data', (data) ->
console.log 'svnlook error:', data.toString()
spawn.on 'exit', (code) ->
if code is 0
svnlook_callback info
else if code is 127
console.log "svnlook could not be found."
console.log "The svnlook info request returned #{code}."
# Get the basic information about the revision (user, date, message)
get_info = (get_info_callback) ->
svnlook 'info', CONFIG.REPOPATH, CONFIG.REVISION, (info) ->
info = info.split CONFIG.LINEBREAK
user: info.shift()
date: new Date info.shift()
msglen: parseInt info.shift()
message: info.join(CONFIG.LINEBREAK).trim()
# Get an array of the changes that were committed
get_changed = (get_changed_callback) ->
svnlook 'changed', CONFIG.REPOPATH, CONFIG.REVISION, (info) ->
info = info.trim().split CONFIG.LINEBREAK
changes = []
for change in info
code: change.substr(0,1)
item: change.substr(1).trim()
get_changed_callback changes
# Function for sending out an email of the final status
send_email = (message) ->
transport = mailer.createTransport "SMTP", {host: CONFIG.EMAIL.HOST}
mail =
text: message
transport.sendMail mail, -> transport.close()
# build a very basic message about the SVN commit and send it
get_info (info) -> get_changed (changes) ->
console.log info
console.log changes
# This array will be joined with line breaks to make the actual message body
message = [
"A change to a project was committed."
"Repository: #{info.repo}"
"Revision: #{info.rev}"
"Author: #{info.user}"
"Date: #{}"
"Commit message(s): "
# Used for giving a more descriptive list of changes
change_code_text =
U: "* Updated: "
A: "+ Added: "
D: "- Deleted: "
# build out the final list of changes text
for change in changes
if change_code_text[change.code]
message.push change_code_text[change.code] + change.item
message.push "? #{change.code}: #{change.item}"
console.log message = message.join CONFIG.LINEBREAK
send_email message