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  • Display error messages from API
  • Update installation instructions
  • Remove 'Leave a Rating' feature
  • Remove footer from all views except welcome view
  • Remove footer shadow
  • Remove disclosure indicator from "Load more ideas" row
  • Remove unused images
  • Hide "Done" button when searching or creating suggestions
  • Remove sign in message for voting
  • Move add suggestion row to top of search results
  • Move email/name fields below category on new suggestion view
  • Back out to the welcome screen after creating a suggestion
  • No longer require a user to log in to submit a ticket
  • Remove subject field from contact form
  • Automatically focus on text area on contact form
  • Fix behavior of new suggestion link on contact form
  • Fix behavior of new ticket link on new suggestion form
  • Add a cancel button to loading screen for those on slow connections
  • Add a method to display the contact form without loading the rest of the UI
  • Add localization support
  • Add French translation


  • Fix a bug with the suggestion form when there aren't any categories


  • First supported release
  • Add (basic) iPad support
  • Add landscape support
  • Fix a number of bugs
  • Switch to static library for distribution
  • Add stylesheet support
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