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The CAIA artificial intelligence system of late Jacques Pitrat


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The CAIA artificial intelligence system of late Jacques Pitrat

Jacques Pitrat was the French pioneer of Artificial Intelligence. His blog is (in Q1 2020) still available on

His book Artificial Intelligence: the conscience of a conscious machine (2009 Wiley ISTE; Print ISBN:9781848211018) describes in great detail the design of CAIA.

The RefPerSys system is inspired by CAIA.

The code here is published for historical references. Don't expect bugs to be corrected by me Basile Starynkevitch.

I Basile Starynkevitch made only cosmetic improvements and don't understand in 2020 all the details of this system. I did met the late Jacques Pitrat several times.

See also this academic commemoration in honor of the late Jacques Pitrat.

Building CAIA on Linux

You need ccache.

A residual metabug gives a buggy generated dx.h (global variables should be extern but are not). The hand-written C++ program (contributed by Basile Starynkevitch) is correcting that generated header.

so cd caia-su-24feb2016 then run make -j perhaps twice to build ./caia ; there are half a million lines of generated C code in 3834 *.c file, so the initial build takes some time.

Running CAIA

This was work in progress by the late Jacques Pitrat, and there is no documentation. But the set of rulees providing the read-eval-print-loop is named EDITE so you can try L EDITE (perhaps twice) after having started ./caia ; many names are very short, and some are inspired by French.


See also these PDF slides of a talk given at an AFIA seminar (march 6, 2020) in honor of J.Pitrat.


The CAIA artificial intelligence system of late Jacques Pitrat







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