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Miscellaneous stuff, mostly single-file tiny programs (GPLv3+)
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Miscellaneous stuff, mostly single-file tiny programs

Several single source file programs usually for GNU/Linux/Debian/x86-64. Their compilation command is generally given as a comment inside the source code.

  • manydl.c is a program to show that Linux is capable of dlopen-ing many plugins (typically, several hundred thousands or many millions). It works by generating some pseudo-random C file, compiling it into a plugin, which is later dlopen-ed, and repeat.

  • forniklas.c is a trivial C program generating then using one single plugin in C. Read its comments for more details.

  • redis-scan.c is a program which scans all the keys in a REDIS database (see for more) and prints them on stdout.

  • execicar.c is a shell-like program interpreting commands on pipes, etc.

  • is a simple exercise to understand the balanced binary trees of the Ocaml stdlib/ file, which I might simplify a bit.

  • bwc.c is a crude wc -l like program using getline; for performance benchmarking.

  • half.c is a program to stop/cont-inue a command, running it at half load

  • microbenchlist.c is a useless microbenchmark on linked lists use gcc -Wall -O2 -march=native microbenchlist.c -o microbenchlist to compile it.

  • makeprimes.c uses the very clever BSD /usr/games/primes program and extract some primes from the stream of primes producing it.

  • HelloWorld/ contains a small set of files and its README, for a tutorial about GNU make (done on the phone). Perhaps the GPLv3+ license does not fit for such a trivial work.

  • onionwebsocket.c is a slighty improved example of websockets from libonion. Most of the code is not mine.

  • is interesting, since it shows how recent C++ compilers are capable of very deep optimizations

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