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Project Desire is a web application that makes it easier for members within an organization to ship small parcels. It is built with the MEAN stack; in the back end, it utilizes Node.js, Express, and MongoDB. The frontend is built using Angular.

This project is a work in progress. Please check the Milestones for more information about the progress.

Key Features

  • Members can easily update their shipping addresses and set a default for others to ship to, eliminating the need for asking around for an address or relying on manual records
  • Various shipping methods can be selected, enabling greater balance between cost and desired delivery speed
  • Consolidated billing to the organization's shipping accounts at discounted rates, providing substantial savings and reducing individually purchased shipping expense claims
  • Automatic email notifications with tracking information when something is shipped to you
  • Organization administrators have access to a single record of all shipmemts and their contents, making it easier to track down a missing item


Project Desire is intended to be self-hosted, which provides flexibility. Once it is set up on an organization's server, members can access it using their existing Google account.

Additionally, as development progresses, a live demo app will be available that simulates the user experience. However, this demo is intented only to showcase Project Desire's capabilities rather than to provide a shipping manager that any individual can use.


This project is sponsored by Android Authority.