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A smarter way to ship packages
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A smarter way to ship packages

This project is in the early stages of development. Check back soon for updates!

Project Desire is intended for organizations to self-host with their own configuration. Members of the organization can sign up for their own account, where they can keep their own personal address up to date (for others in the company to ship to) as well as prepare outgoing shipments.

Members can purchase shipping labels at discounted organizational account rates without needing a company credit card or to expense the purchase later. Additionally, Project Desire considers numerous variables to ensure accurate estimated delivery date calculation for each service.

Administrators can view a record of all shipments, which can make it easier to take receipts and expense shipping costs or investigate the location of a particular item.


Individuals can access a demo version of Project Desire, but shipping labels cannot be purchased. The purpose of the demo version is to show Project Desire's capabilities rather than to offer a solution for individuals.

This project is sponsored by Android Authority.

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