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This is the website for the Princeton Sociology Methods Camp for incoming Princeton PhD Students.

Powered by Jekyll and GitHub Pages.

Table of contents


Local development environment

While not required, it is possible to setup a local development environment to see the changes you make before they're live. The site is powered by Jekyll, which written in Ruby. Installation steps:

  1. Ensure you have ruby command installed
  2. Run: gem install bundler
  3. Clone this repository via git
  4. Within the cloned git repository run: bundle install
  5. Run: bundle exec jekyll serve

The default layout

The default layout is used for the homepage of the site as indicated in The default layout does the following things content-wise:

  1. Output a navigation bar based on the navigation frontmatter in markdown file (e.g.,
  2. Output the content in the markdown file (e.g.,
  3. Output the content from any sections defined in the frontmatter.


The navigation is a list of links with a name key and a url key. The url key can be any URL. However, in our usage we're including URLs to particular sections in the document. These section links must match the id created automatically for headers in the markdown files. For example, consider the following markdown file:

## Learning objectives

Learning objectives here.

When that markdown gets converted, the header will automatically receive an id of learning-objectives. To link to this section, you'd use a url of #learning-objectives in that navigation list. You may specify your own header id with:

## Learning objectives {#my-special-id}

Learning objectives here.

In this case, you should use #my-special-id for the url key when linking to this section.


You may add additional sections to the page by adding them to the sections list in the markdown files frontmatter. When processing the sections, the default layout will look for markdown files by that name and include their content within each new section.

For example the current frontmatter of includes this:

  - learning-objectives
  - pre-arrival
  - camp
  - logistics
  - faq
  - about

The default layout will show the content of first and then include the content from,,,,, and in that order. You can add or remove sections to your liking.


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