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from pysemantics.NlpClient import NlpClient
from random import shuffle
def example_clusters():
# the idea is to automatically group phrases (words in this case) into
# into previously specified number of groups, by the meaning of each phrase
# For this we will use sentence vectors from and the KMEans algorithm from sklearn
# in this example we will chose 3 groups of objects, namely vechicles, vegetables and sport
cluster_count = 3
vegetables = ['greens', 'leaves', 'asparagus', 'stems', 'beans', 'seeds', 'beetroot', 'broccoli', 'flowers',
'brussels', 'cabbages', 'capsicums', 'carrots', 'cauliflower', 'celeriac', 'celery', 'chilli',
'peppers', 'chokos', 'cucumber', 'eggplant']
vehicles = ['engine', 'wheels', 'car', 'truck', 'tires', 'gasoline', 'fuel']
sport = ['tennis', 'football', 'cricket', 'chess', 'baseball', 'swimming']
# merge and shuffle the data into one single array
all = vegetables + vehicles + sport
# the client will help us process the vectors, but you can directly call '_obtain_vectors' and use other method
# the clusters function uses kmeans to build 3 groups of data out of the data we provided
client = NlpClient()
cluster_data = client.clusters(sentences=all, cluster_count=cluster_count)
for cluster_id in cluster_data:
print('Cluster {} - {}'.format(cluster_id, cluster_data[cluster_id]))
# Cluster 2 - ['greens', 'cucumber', 'peppers', 'capsicums', 'beetroot', 'cauliflower', 'cabbages', 'chilli', 'stems', 'seeds', 'celeriac', 'flowers', 'leaves', 'beans', 'asparagus', 'broccoli', 'celery', 'brussels', 'carrots','eggplant']
# Cluster 1 - ['tennis', 'baseball', 'football', 'swimming', 'chess', 'cricket']
# Cluster 0 - ['wheels', 'engine', 'tires', 'fuel', 'car', 'truck', 'gasoline']
# we can see that we obtained the initial arrays, the word 'chokos' is missing from the vegetables group
# this is because it is not recognized by the api, it simply wasn't mentioned in its training data
# so this word is ignored.
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