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Latest commit e683cc4 May 6, 2015 @wheals wheals Remove the Flight spell.
There remain sources of the effect in potions, rings, randarts, boots,
species, and the Tornado spell. The spell is the weakest link here: it has
very little cost (only the investment to cast a level 3 spell), can be
renewed infinitely unlike more interesting ones, and can be kept up
permanently at little cost but with an annoying interface.
Even without the redundancy, Flight is rarely interesting in combat, and
spells do non-combat effects poorly.

Book of Dreams gets Silence, which seems vaguely thematic. Book of the
Dragon gets Flame Tongue, on |amethyst's suggestion. Book of the Sky gets
Lightning Spire. Book of Air gets nothing; it's already a well-rounded
book, and plenty of starting books have only 5 spells.
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