Control an ARDrone parrot with the leap motion
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Leap ARDrone - Nodebots 2014

Control an AR Drone Parrot with a leap motion.

This project uses the leap motion to control an AR Drone parrot.


Leap motion SDK. The leap motion daemon must be running nodejs. leapjs. Can be installed with npm (npm install leapjs) ar-drone js. Can be installed with npm (npm install ar-drone)

Run the leapDrone.js file with node to begin.

node leapDrone.js


The drone will take off when the leap motion detects hands in its field of view.

The drone will land when there are no longer hands in its field of view.

Left hand controls the pitch and roll. Hold the left hand out and tilt the hand in the relevant direction.

Right hand controls the height and yaw. The height is controlled by raising the right hand higher or lower relative to the left hand.

The yaw is controlled by moving the right hand forward or backward relative to the left hand.


Robert Wood ( Brandon Surmanski (