Commits on Aug 29, 2012
  1. Merge "Do not run pylint by default"

    Jenkins committed with openstack-gerrit Aug 29, 2012
  2. Merge "Fix PEP8 issues."

    Jenkins committed with openstack-gerrit Aug 29, 2012
Commits on Aug 28, 2012
  1. Do not run pylint by default

    jogo committed Aug 28, 2012
    pylint creates some files, and leaves git in a detached HEAD.
    pylint can still be run via 'tox -epylint'
    Change-Id: Ic0193f2488f1c6eb4a9f0fabbe24ac9869239890
  2. Accept role list from either X-Roles or X-Role

    Brian Elliott committed with bdelliott Aug 24, 2012
    Accept the list of roles from either the newer X-Roles header or the
    deprecated X-Role header.
    This is useful for interoperability with a software proxy in front
    of Nova API that performs token authentication and might use the
    older header.
    Change-Id: I47e33233edf596dd14d07b6be16b030fd6bc352d
  3. Fix PEP8 issues.

    lrqrun committed Aug 28, 2012
    Fix some pep8 issues in doc/ext/ make the code looks pretty.
    Change-Id: I026c873b487b507a758a2cdb70b444b64702b7fa
  4. Fix KeyError when test_servers_get fails.

    dprince committed Aug 28, 2012
    Updates the integrated.test_api_samples.ServersSampleAllExtensionXmlTest
    test_servers_get function so that it doesn't try to list the line number
    when the test fails.
    Fixes a KeyError: '\'i\' exceptions.
    Partial fix for LP Bug #1042709.
    Change-Id: I666d18c1d4585cebce4534b1f16cd327850e8cdc
  5. Update nova.conf.sample

    markmc committed Aug 28, 2012
    Regenerate to account for unused options which were removed by
    commit ea06eff
    DocImpact: update nova.conf docs
    Change-Id: I1082d2869d0b9d33747fb877efb6d99344074b2c
Commits on Aug 27, 2012
  1. Fixes backwards compatible rpc schedule_run

    vishvananda committed Aug 27, 2012
    Commit 8718f8e changed the
    schedule_run_instance call to create all of the db records on the
    compute host, but the old code path was left in for backwards
    compatibility. Unfortunately an extra reservations parameter was
    left in causing the backwards compatibility to be broken.
    This patch takes out the reservations parameter and commits the
    reservation in the backwards compatible call.
    Fixes bug 1042302
    Change-Id: I1e710d1e9a992f59a18eeedcd7d71726ff96c485
  2. Include launch-index in openstack style metadata.

    mikalstill committed Aug 27, 2012
    Resolves bug 1042020.
    Change-Id: I545b771e24a15e109b06b76e9c34a78bc1425b6c
  3. Port existing code to utils.ensure_tree

    mikalstill committed Aug 27, 2012
    Now that we have ensure_tree in utils, port most users of
    os.makedirs() to use it.
    Change-Id: I3256cbb76bd889f99f1e6f3367bd620645f828a1
  4. Correct utils.execute() to check 0 in check_exit_code

    no2a committed Aug 25, 2012
    If a process exits with returncode 0, the function always returns without
    raising a exception, regardless of whether its check_exit_code includes 0 or
    not. This patch fixes it; if check_exit_code does not includes 0 and a
    process exits with 0, ProcessExecutionError is raised.
    (No change required to caller-side since no one misses 0 in check_exit_code)
    Change-Id: I824a9bc5e42038e27df6757cd47c06073681c342
  5. Add the self parameter to NoopFirewallDriver methods

    maoy committed Aug 27, 2012
    Following the Python coding convention even though the current
    code works with the *args magic.
    Part of bug 1037183
    Change-Id: I2be815a098913b5879d0d9b3563a55431408431c
  6. request_spec['instance_uuids'] as list in resize

    clayg committed Aug 24, 2012
    Wrap instance['uuid'] in a list when building request_spec in
    compute.api before sending it across to the scheduler on resize
    regression introduced in I63bbc98c285faebec53f8e62857c01548807db68
    fixes bug 1041351
    Change-Id: I7cad8316171798e240bf78999cb94730c587a904
  7. Merge "Remove unused flags"

    Jenkins committed with openstack-gerrit Aug 27, 2012
  8. Merge "Fix column variable typo"

    Jenkins committed with openstack-gerrit Aug 27, 2012
  9. Merge "Move ensure_tree to utils"

    Jenkins committed with openstack-gerrit Aug 27, 2012
  10. Fix column variable typo

    maoy committed Aug 27, 2012
    attach_datetime is not available during downgrade. It's a copy/paste
    bug from the upgrade function.
    Partially fix bug 1037183
    Change-Id: I97e2cf98a180a6c80e59545a9cda9852fa6ac563
  11. Add ops to aggregate_instance_extra_specs filter.

    josephsuh committed Aug 22, 2012
    The following operators on instance_type_extra_specs were added in
    aggregate_instance_extra_specs filter. Fixes bug 1037090.
    = (equal to or greater than as a number; same as vcpus case)
    == (equal to as a number)
    != (not equal to as a number)
    >= (greater than or equal to as a number)
    <= (less than or equal to as a number)
    s== (equal to as a string)
    s!= (not equal to as a string)
    s>= (greater than or equal to as a string)
    s> (greater than as a string)
    s<= (less than or equal to as a string)
    s< (less than as a string)
    <in> (substring)
    <or> (find one of these)
    If the first word in the instance_type_extra_spec is not one of the
    keywords above, a default operator "s==" is used.
    E.g.: ">= 5", "s== 2.1.0", "<in> gcc", and "<or> fpu <or> gpu"
    Change-Id: Iee9bf68011738aab146e6311a17cb3c673d7a392
  12. Implement project specific flavors API

    unicell committed Aug 13, 2012
    blueprint project-specific-flavors
    This change implements API extension to manage project specific flavor
    types, so that non-public flavor type can only see by projects with
    access rights.
    Change-Id: Ie2d2c605065b0c76897f843a4548a0c984a05f1a
  13. Correct live_migration rpc call in test

    maoy committed Aug 25, 2012
    self.driver.compute_rpcapi.live_migration should be the correct
    way to issue live_migration call instead of
    compute_rpcapi.ComputeAPI.live_migration, because the ComputeAPI
    is a class, not an instance of the class.
    This technically does not matter because the method is moxed out
    anyway for testing, but still it is confusing.
    Partially fix bug 1037183
    Change-Id: Id41520a44fb9cfc19e269427ee42493e5dc52f5b
  14. Allow connecting to a ssl-based glance

    vuntz committed Aug 22, 2012
    This introduces a new glance_api_insecure setting that can be used to
    not verify the certificate of the glance server against the certificate
    Fix bug 1042081.
    Change-Id: I0a9f081425854e9c01e00dfd641e42276c878c67