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GitHub LaunchBar Action

This is a GitHub LaunchBar action that can search various parts of GitHub based on your input.

Download and install the action here.


At any point you can either hit enter to navigate into available options, or hit + Enter to go directly to the corresponding GitHub page.

For a user or organization

Simply add a / to the end of a user or organization and the repositories will be fetched:

For a repository

For an issue or pull request

For a commit

At any time, paste a commit SHA into LaunchBar and hit Tab. Start typing "github" and you should see the action appear, hit Enter. Once complete, the action will bring you to the pull request that introduced the commit. If the commit is associated with multiple pull requests, they will be displayed in a list.

Shortening a link

At any time, paste a GitHub link into LaunchBar and hit Tab. Start typing "github" and you should see the action appear, hit Enter. Once complete, the action will ask you if you want to shorten the link, hit Enter and the shortened link will be copied to your clipboard.

Sending a link to Things

Similarly to shortening a link, you can paste a GitHub link into LaunchBar at any time and hit Tab. From there, either find GitHub in the options or type "github" to have it appear for the first time, then hit Enter to open the quick add menu of the Things application.



The easiest way to install this action is by visiting You'll want to first Download and then Install the action.

When clicking on Install, you'll be prompted to sign in with GitHub. Once complete, you will be automatically brought back into the LaunchBar application and can start using the action.


If for any reason that doesn't work, the action can either be downloaded from the Releases page, or if you'd like to use the latest features as they come out (from master), you can clone this repository to your LaunchBar Actions folder:

mkdir -p ~/Library/Application\ Support/LaunchBar/Actions/
git clone ~/Library/Application\ Support/LaunchBar/Actions/github.lbaction

GitHub Access Token

You'll need to get an access token from GitHub if you'd like to use any of the features that return data directly in LaunchBar. To do so, go to and create a new token with the repo user, read:discussion scopes selected. Copy the token to your clipboard and invoke the GitHub action and select "Settings". From here, choose "Set GitHub access token from clipboard".


This action can be updated using the Action Updates action, or you can drop into a terminal and pull the latest changes from Git using:

cd ~/Library/Application\ Support/LaunchBar/Actions/github.lbaction/
git pull origin master

In some cases, you may need to restart LaunchBar and regenerate a GitHub access token.


This LaunchBar plugin is written in Javascript. Because I value both writing Javascript in ES6, and support for the action to run in older OS X environments, Babel is used to convert the files in Contents/Scripts/ into "vanilla Javascript" that can be parsed by most OS X JS engines.

If you're looking to contribute to this repository, you'll need to bootstrap the project by running:


This will install all dependencies for you. From there, you can run:


Which will listen for changes to any files in Contents/Scripts/ and automatically compile your Javascript into a single file that can be executed by LaunchBar.

If at any time you would like to run the tests, you can run:



I'm not seeing all of the repositories that I was expecting

If you set your token using and are not seeing repositories belonging to an organization you are a part of, the organization may have enabled Organization Application Policies. OAP limits access to private resources on GitHub unless the OAuth application has been granted access. You can either request access from an organization administrator, or instead use a Personal Access Token as outlined above to get around this problem.