Garmin datafield application for the BSXinsight smO2 monitor
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BSX Insight ConnectIQ Data Field Application

This repository contains the source code for the BSX Insight data field application which is available from the Garmin connect IQ app store. This repository includes both the source code and Eclipse .project file, located in the BSXField directory, and the assets and compiled binaries for the app store, located in the BSXField_exports directory.

BSXField Directory

This directory contains the required Eclipse .project file needed to perform development on the BSXField app, as well as the associated source code. A developer will need to import this subdirectory as a project in order to use the Connect IQ toolchain and project type features.

The contents of this directory will be published as an Open Source Software (OSS) project under a BSD license. Any update to this directory must be cleansed of historical changes prior to being committed back to that other repository.

You will need to modify the manifest.xml to reflect your devices. You may also select a device using the Connect IQ Eclipse menu "Build For Device Wizard..."

BSXField_export Directory

This directory contains the assets -- images and compiled binaries -- required by the Garmin app store web page.

The contents of this directory must not be included when this app is released as an OSS project.

images Directory

This directory contains example screen shots which show the regular behavior of the application on a Garmin Edge 520 cycling computer.