🌠IDL Data reduction and analysis of many astrophysical pictures obtained from the Stony Brook Mt. Telescope. The object is to study the effects of the Interstellar Dust.🌠
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🌠Studying the Interstellar Dust 🌠

The study of intermediate-age open clusters can be used to the learn about the stellar evolution of intermediate-mass stars and the dynamical evolution of clusters together with their interstellar extinction.

The interstellar extinction is a sum of absorption and scattering of the light within the interstellar medium, being inversely proportional to the light wavelength.

Consequently, a general increase in absorption toward shorter wavelengths is observed, resulting to the effect of reddening.

In this repository I made available the source code for data reduction and analysis in IDL, and my report and results as well.

Here is the final report in this work.


When making a reference to my work, please use my website.

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This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 4.0 International License.