A tool that defines words to explore perspective realities of Existence
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This philosophy is a technology, with the intent of expanding consciousness by creating novelty by connecting abstractions. Expanding the scope of words facilitates connections between entities in Existence or God. This philosophy utilizes techniques, resources, & edge effects from all domains in Existence; particularly from science, spirituality, philosophy, logic, engineering, mathematics, systems theory, etc.

Abstractions as Patterns

This Philosophy treats abstractions as patterns to be used in as many scopes as possible. This increases the usage of each abstraction across many domains by analogy.

Abstraction Definition

Each definition is broken up into sections.

  • Ontology - The definition of the word pattern
  • Axiology - The value of the word as a pattern
    • Ethics - The ethical value of the word as a pattern
    • Aesthetics - The aesthetic value of the word as a pattern
  • Epistemology - The process of defining the word pattern
    • Cultural Definition - The word defined by the prevailing culture
    • Pattern Expression - How the word is applied as a pattern in Existence

Similarities to other Fields

Language Planning

This Philosophy utilizes Language Planning with the purpose of facilitating connections to Expand Consciousness.

Category Theory

Abstractions are categories and scopes are morphisms. Connections between abstractions are also morphisms.

Linguistic Relativity & Evolutionary Linguistics

Evolution implies a creative activity. This Philosophy favors using & evolving existing words, by expanding scope, over creating new terminology. The worldview perspective facilitates connection between abstractions among different domains & worldviews.

Philosophy of Language

Magic Connections with the Philosophy of Language (briantakita.com)

Scope & Resolution

Since scope of this Philosophy is Existence/God, the resolution starts low. The Cosmic Scale is a demonstration of scope (at different scales) in the physical universe.

This philosophy defines abstractions in relation to Existence. Words, when applied to narrower scopes (than Existence), have different meanings. It is a tool that provides awareness & degrees of freedom to create systems with various scopes.

Human Beings can focus on a finite amount of complexity which is much less than the scope of Existence. This means humans must utilize abstractions to create systems that can be focused upon, lest the human becomes overwhelmed and not effective.

You can zoom in & out of the system to observe details & patterns.

Awareness of Story

Stories can illuminate truth & expand consciousness of an abstraction. Stories can also restrict the scope of an abstraction. Stories are used to make an entity focus on a scope.

Since stories can set context and contexts set scope, a story may change the scope of focus of an entity.

This philosophy makes judicious use of story in the pursuit of expanding consciousness.

Navigating on github.com

Press "t", then type in the word you want to navigate to.

Blog Posts

Philosophy - Existence is God & God Exists(briantakita.com)

Magic Connections with the Philosophy of Language