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to be; have existence; have being or reality


In this philosophy, to exist means being contained within the set of Existence. In the scope of Existence, everything exists, including fiction.

In modern culture, to exist often implicitly scopes exist to Physical Existence. This philosophy expands the scope of Existence to be, "Everything that 'is', or more simply, everything".

When everything exists, the entirety of language is open, free of "non-existence". All concepts, such as God, magic, spirituality, exist and are useful abstractions for connecting concepts & deriving patterns. These concepts open up closed connections, allowing expanded consciousness & transcendence from materialistic & rationalistic perspectives on Existence.


Cultural Definition

exist (wiktionary)


to be; have existence; have being or reality

Pattern Expression

Scoping Existence

To exist in a scoped Existence means the entity exists or does not exist within the scoped Existence. For example, Alice in Wonderland does not exist in Physical Existence but exists in Conceptual Existence.