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Brian Takita
Brian Takita committed Oct 19, 2009
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+- Fixed warnings (Patch by Bryan Helmkamp)
- Handle lazily defined methods (where respond_to? returns true yet the method is not yet defined and the first call to method_missing defines the method). This pattern is used in ActiveRecord and ActionMailer.
- Fixed warning about aliasing #instance_exec in jruby. (Patch by Nathan Sobo)
@@ -322,6 +322,7 @@ With any development effort, there are countless people who have contributed
to making it possible. We all are standing on the shoulders of giants.
* Andreas Haller for patches
* Aslak Hellesoy for Developing Rspec
+* Bryan Helmkamp for patches
* Christopher Redinger for patches
* Dan North for syntax ideas
* Dave Astels for some BDD inspiration

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