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Some docs about yields mock in README #82

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Some time ago I had problem with mocking method which yields a block. I will be helpful to see some info in README. It is related to iissue #71


Still +1 that documentation needs to be added


Finally got it. I think the documentation should be expanded beyond your snippet, but it's a good start.


Thanks - I'll review this and pull it in.


Hey there - sorry for the late update, new maintainer here. I added a new section to the README titled "Modifying doubles" which documents #yields as well as the other methods which you are allowed to call on doubles. Can you take a look and tell me if this clears things up? Thanks.

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@@ -115,6 +115,14 @@ Rspec mocks:
my_object.should_receive(:hello).with('bob', 'jane').and_return('Hello Bob and Jane')
my_object.should_receive(:hello).with('bob', 'jane') {'Hello Bob and Jane'} #rspec also supports blocks for the return value
+=== mocking method which yields a block
+RR supports mocking methods call which yields a passed block.
+ mock(my_object).method_with_block.yields(yield_arg) {return_value}
+ my_object.method_with_block do |something|
+ # do some stuff
+ end
== Using RR
To create a double on an object, you can use the following methods:
* mock or mock!
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