Morphs your X Windows desktop background over time
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YumYumRoot morphs your X Windows desktop background over time. It
cycles through a range of colors. It is very pleasant. You will like
it. You like it already.

The idea for YumYumRoot was stolen by me, Brian Tanaka, from
Bob Mende at SGI, lo these many years ago.

Syntax: yumyumroot [-h] [-a n] [-i n] seconds-to-sleep
           -h   help
           -a n color mAximum (0-255)
           -i n color mInimum (0-255)

Seconds-to-sleep sets the number of seconds
between color changes. Try 0 for hyperactivity.
Most folks will want to run it slower, say at
1, 2, or 10 so that the changes are subtle.

-a and -i will set the upper and lower bounds
respectively of the RGB values. So, for instance, if
you like darker colors, try something like -a 100.