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Log4JFugue is a Java based system for converting any program's log file output to music.
The original Java sources can be found at

The project was rewritten in Scala some years ago, using the Actor system which was the precursor to Akka.
It was just recently updated to run with Akka and a more modern version of Scala.

The next improvement which is scheduled for Summer 2016 is to add support for Akka remoting so as to be able to run a server in the AWS cloud which will talk with a client program running locally.

Recent additions to the system include a DataGetter for a MongoDB.  This uses configurable
column names so it should work with any Mongo database that includes timestamp and
message columns.

Have also written a method to process the statistics about a log file so as to see
which log messages are most frequent.  Need to hook that into the GUI.

Also on the wishlist is the ability to scale message frequency.  Some messages occur 50 or
more times a second.  Since we can only handle counts between 0 and 16 we lose the ability]
to distinguish changes in value.  We would like to be able to take each second's message
count and scale it down by a configurable value.