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litl meta channel
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litl meta channel

written by Brad Taylor <>
based upon gameoflife-channel by David Ignacio <>

this was developed using the following:
* adobe flex sdk 4.0.0 (not the open source one) [1]
* litl flash channel sdk [2]
* sun java 1.6 [3]
* ant [4]
* adobe air 2 beta 2 (for the simulator) [5]

setting up
* checkout this source (i use ~/checkout/gameoflife-channel)
* modify to point to sdk paths
    i copied the adobe flex sdk to /opt/flex-sdk_4.0.0
    and the litl flash channel sdk to /opt/litl-sdk

* cd to the source (cd ~/checkout/gameoflife-channel)
* run ant (ant)

testing/running swf
* install flash debug plugin (/opt/flex-sdk_4.0.0/runtimes/player)
* install adobe air beta 2 [5]
* install the litl simulator (/opt/litl-sdk/simulator)

* run the simulator
* open the built swf in a browser (i'm using firefox and chromium)
    usually it's in ~/checkout/gameoflife-channel/deploy/main.swf

[3] sun-java6-jre package on ubuntu jaunty and lucid
[4] ant package on ubuntu jaunty, ant1.8 on lucid
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