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Interesting OpenSource CSS Files for the design challenged

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CSS Files

The 100% easy to read standard

The 100e2r.css is inspired by IA' post.


  • Uses normalize.css as the base, to render all HTML elements consistently and in line with modern standards.
  • Good typography with easy to read font size and line-spacing.
  • Has style elements for Pandoc.
  • The body font size is set at 140%, which results in a font-size of about 16pts.
  • The column width is 23em which translates to around 500px, which is a good size for embedding images in an article.

Demo image:

100e2r sample.


This is stripped down version of Sinorcaish stylesheet, primarily used to preview output of Pandoc in Emacs.


Other files are exact copies of CSS files from their respective authors' websites, stored here for easy access.

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