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django with chef template
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This is meant to be a blank django project template that uses Chef to provision the server where your application will be deployed. It also uses Vagrant to create the same environment in a Virtualbox VM.

I have made some choices as to how the django application will be deployed. This is based on the content and recommendations stemming from Djangocon 2011. The following will be installed.

  • Ubuntu server
  • nginx
  • gunicorn
  • postgresql
  • memcached
  • rabbitmq
  • celery

Of course, other small applications will be installed to ensure smoother execution:

  • virtualenv & pip
  • git
  • Python driver for postgresql
  • etc


  • Install Vagrant
  • Download the precise32 box and add it as precise32
  • Your django project should live in coolname. (i.e. coolname/
  • Add coolname (or what you change it to) to /etc/hosts
  • Please change the name of the directory to match your project
  • The name of the project has to be changed in a few other places
    • node.json
  • Run vagrant up to build the VM
  • Run vagrant ssh and add the coolname user to sudoers
  • Then run fab -R vagrant bootstrap which will create a virtualenv, load your code, install dependencies, sync your db, etc.
  • Open your browser at http://coolname:8844.

Vagrant roledef for fabric

The main fabfile includes some special logic to work around some of the limitations of vagrant. Nothing too hacky though. Every time you want to execute something on your local VM, include the -R vagrant flag.

Root password

You can change the password in the djangoapp/recipes/default.rb file. Find the user block and change the value of the password attribute. It should be a salted hash, not plaintext. To create a new password, run:

$ openssl passwd -1 "theplaintextpassword"

And paste the result into the recipe file.

The password for the coolname user is coolname.


  • Fix the fabfile
  • Bring RabbitMQ back
  • Add better Chef installation
  • Test on real server (i.e. not Vagrant)


BSD, short and sweet


  • 0.5.0 (2012-07-17)

    • Upgrade to Ubuntu 12.04
    • Upgrade to postgresql 9.1
    • Upgrade to Python 2.7
    • Add vim package
  • pre-0.5.0 (2012-07-16)

    • Distant past
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