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mdninja + markdown + jinja2 templating = beautiful HTML documents.
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mdninja + markdown + jinja2 = beautiful HTML documents

mdninja is a document processor that converts markdown documents into HTML document by applying Jinja2 templating.


pip install mdninja


Simple use:

mdninja -o doc.html

If you want to use a different template:

mdninja -o doc.html --template=stylish.html

The default template is:

<!DOCTYPE html>
                <title>{% for title in meta.title %}{{title}} {% endfor %}</title>
                <h1>{% for title in meta.title %}{{title}} {% endfor %}</h1>
                {{ body }}

Metadata (like title above) is added to the document by adding metadata headers like this at the top of the file

Title: A simple document

Alternatively, you can specify the meatadata using a YAML style header too:

title: A simple document
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