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SOURCES=$(wildcard *.md)
OBJS = $(patsubst, %.html, $(SOURCES))
CODE = $(wildcard code/*.nim)
EXE = $(patsubst %.nim, %.exe, $(CODE))
OUTPUT = $(patsubst %.exe, %.output, $(EXE))
all: README.adoc $(OUTPUT) $(OBJS)
cd css; make
code/%.output: code/%.exe
$< > $@
code/%.exe: code/%.nim
nim c --verbosity:0 --hints:off -o:$@ $<
%.html: Makefile template/html.tmpl
pandoc $< -o $@ -s -S --css=css/cookbook.css \
--template=template/html.tmpl \
--filter pandoc-include-code
sync: $(OBJS)
netlify deploy -s 6ccb057b-1341-4c92-b173-9b6a6ae6c5a0
rm -f $(OBJS)
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