@jgarzik jgarzik released this Jul 17, 2017 · 34 commits to segwit2x since this release

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Release notes:

  1. The diff from 1.14.3 - the beta released 17 days ago - is very
    small. No consensus changes. Included are Cleanups, tests, and new DNS seeds
    which are planned to be segwit2x aware and fully operational by the
    July 21 target date.

  2. As per the July 14 milestone, we are asking all WG members to be
    actively testing Release Candidate 1 on testnet5 and mainnet.

  3. Sergio Lerner has been working on a segwit2x BIP (specification):
    Understand that this is in draft form and may see minor revisions.

  4. Based on recent feedback and criticism, (a) NODE_SEGWIT2X service
    bit and (b) addressing lack of an explicit attachment from bit-4 to
    the 2M HF are under consideration for Release Candidate 2.

4a. It was suggested very early on by several folks to use a
NODE_SEGWIT2X service bit. There was initial pushback both from folks
who feared nodes being targeted. The btc1 major version (1.x.y) was
always visible on the network, therefore, it can be fingerprinted and
targeted anyway, rendering moot this criticism. Given that, and also
the utility of node discovery in and around SegWit-active and HF
phases, using a NODE_SEGWIT2X service as proposed a while ago seems
additive for users & network.

By way of background, NODE_xxx service bits are gossiped around the
network, exchanged between P2P peers, alongside node addresses. In
theory, segwit2x nodes can more easily find other segwit2x nodes on
the wider network via NODE_SEGWIT2X.

4b. The activation sequence is bit-4 -> bit-1 -> time passes -> 2M
hard fork. There is the valid criticism that, in the (IMO unlikely)
event of "bit-1->time passes", without bit-4 activation per NYA
agreement, that the btc1 node would still activate the 2M hard fork
after 144x90 blocks. It seems both prudent, in the spirit of the NYA
agreement, and addressing an edge case to ensure that bit-4 activation
did indeed occur, before triggering the 2M after 144x90 blocks.
Usefully, we have time to polish this.

  1. July 21 is the target for the next release.