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Game on Nxt platform with smart contract
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There are some computer games using crypto-currencies, like Cryptokingdom, Augur and so on. Huntercoin is a game on blockchain launched in 2014 based on bitcoin source code. Cutting edge of the Huntercoin is human mining. In this introduction, I will introduce Monopoly like game based on Nxt 1.3.5 codebase with smart contract named FSM(Final State Machine),which is new design of AT(Automated Machine). Nearly all coins will be distributed by FSM , after players jump to the location of the coins in next block, they will share the coins. There are lands in the game too, so players can buy lands(Asset) to build hotel, restaurants, healthy club and weapon factory, which can be traded in asset market in the game also.

Features: Total supply: 1 000 000 000 Premine: 10%: NxtAT Asset holders.( 10 NxtAT Asset swap 1 FSMCoin) 10%: HZ holders.( 10 HZ swap 1 FSMCoin) 20%: Development(UI design), Testing. 10%: Marketing(website, nodes). Block time: 1 minute Distribution per 10 blocks: 6100 (100 to FSM Foundation) Map: 100100 Lands: 68 (4 for hotels, 4 restaurants, 1 notary office, 1 court of justice, 1 health club, 1 martial art center, 1 weapon factory¡­) Role of player: collector (collect coins), worker (build hotels and so on).

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