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Live connection map for your website. Making use of Datamaps(built on d3js), jquery and the library for node.js.

This is a very simple example of what is possible by combining D3, jquery and to provide real time data to your users.

Many thanks to the following people/groups:

You are free to copy and distribute the code in this repository, however please include a credit to and even a link back to the website :-)

Please respect the licenses of the people and groups mentioned above.

Hopefully this will be of some use to someone, at the very least as an example of how to use the above technologies.

Running example can be seen at

alt tag

The script gives you an idea of how you can manually install the application, abstracting over the freegeoip install by using a docker image. You can however install freegeoip manually by following the instructions on This script has been tested in Ubuntu 14.04. goes one step further and uses docker to run both freegeoip and the server.js application within their own docker containers.