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Docker for btcpool: fix wrong Dockerfile be used when building a depl…

…oy image
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SwimmingTiger committed Apr 11, 2019
1 parent 6eaa724 commit cb1a81998b83814b9e77d33eaa84c4bed44e210c
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  1. +6 −6 docker/btcpool/deploy/
@@ -36,22 +36,22 @@ See [here](../base-image/).

docker build -t btccom/btcpool-btc --build-arg BASE_IMAGE=btccom/btcpool_build:btc-0.16.3 --build-arg BUILD_JOBS=$(nproc) ../../..
docker build -t btccom/btcpool-btc -f Dockerfile --build-arg BASE_IMAGE=btccom/btcpool_build:btc-0.16.3 --build-arg BUILD_JOBS=$(nproc) ../../..
docker build -t btccom/btcpool-bch --build-arg BASE_IMAGE=btccom/btcpool_build:bch-0.18.5 --build-arg BUILD_JOBS=$(nproc) ../../..
docker build -t btccom/btcpool-bch -f Dockerfile --build-arg BASE_IMAGE=btccom/btcpool_build:bch-0.18.5 --build-arg BUILD_JOBS=$(nproc) ../../..
docker build -t btccom/btcpool-ubtc --build-arg BASE_IMAGE=btccom/btcpool_build:ubtc- --build-arg BUILD_JOBS=$(nproc) ../../..
docker build -t btccom/btcpool-ubtc -f Dockerfile --build-arg BASE_IMAGE=btccom/btcpool_build:ubtc- --build-arg BUILD_JOBS=$(nproc) ../../..
# SBTC (outdated)
docker build -t btccom/btcpool-sbtc --build-arg BASE_IMAGE=btccom/btcpool_build:sbtc-0.16.2 --build-arg BUILD_JOBS=$(nproc) ../../..
docker build -t btccom/btcpool-sbtc -f Dockerfile --build-arg BASE_IMAGE=btccom/btcpool_build:sbtc-0.16.2 --build-arg BUILD_JOBS=$(nproc) ../../..
docker build -t btccom/btcpool-ltc --build-arg BASE_IMAGE=btccom/btcpool_build:ltc-0.16.3 --build-arg BUILD_JOBS=$(nproc) ../../..
docker build -t btccom/btcpool-ltc -f Dockerfile --build-arg BASE_IMAGE=btccom/btcpool_build:ltc-0.16.3 --build-arg BUILD_JOBS=$(nproc) ../../..
docker build -t btccom/btcpool-zec --build-arg BASE_IMAGE=btccom/btcpool_build:zec-2.0.4 --build-arg BUILD_JOBS=$(nproc) ../../..
docker build -t btccom/btcpool-zec -f Dockerfile --build-arg BASE_IMAGE=btccom/btcpool_build:zec-2.0.4 --build-arg BUILD_JOBS=$(nproc) ../../..

## Run unittest

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