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lnurl specifications
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LNURL: Lightning Network UX protocol

LNURL is a bech32-encoded HTTPS/Onion query string which is supposed to help payer interact with payee and thus simplify a number of standard scenarios such as:

An example LNURL:

would be bech32-encoded as:


and presented as the following QR:

A QR encoded LNURL example

Once LNURL is decoded:

  • If tag query parameter is present then this LNURL has a special meaning, further actions will be based on tag parameter value.
  • Otherwise a GET request should be executed which must return a Json object containing a tag field, further actions will be based on tag field value.

HTTPS or Onion

LNURL is acceptable in two forms: either an https:// clearnet link (no self-signed certificates allowed) or an http:// v2/v3 onion link.

Fallback scheme

LNURL can be used as fallback inside of other URI schemes, with the key 'lightning' and the value equal to the bech32-encoding, an example:

Decoding examples

In Scala:

import fr.acinq.bitcoin.Bech32
val (hrp, dataPart) = Bech32.decode(bech32lnurl)
val requestByteArray = Bech32.five2eight(dataPart)
new String(requestByteArray, "UTF-8") //

Getting help

If you have any questions about implementing LNURL as a wallet or service, join us in the BLW Telegram and get help from the creators and other LNURL implementors.


  1. LNURL-channel
  2. LNURL-auth
  3. LNURL-withdraw
  4. LNURL-pay
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