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Azure deployment

This setup is similar to the Docker Deployment, except that the docker-compose is hosted by Microsoft Azure.

One-click setup

Azure is currently the fastest and easiest way to set up BTCPayServer.

Start by clicking the following button:

Deploy to Azure

You can log into Azure with your Microsoft account.

Final installation steps:

  • Fill in the remaining options: Azure Resource Config
  • Click 'Purchase' to confirm
  • (Wait for Azure deployment)
  • Type ip into the search bar and select the first option, BTCPayServerPublicIP
  • Copy the hostname for your Azure deployment, under DNS name: Azure BTCPayServerPublicIP
  • Visit it (all major browsers supported)
  • Click 'Register' and create an account - This will be your admin account!
  • At your domain registrar, point your domain at this hostname (read more: DNS configuration)
  • Then, visit
  • Enter your domain name and click 'Confirm'
  • (Wait 1-5 minutes)
  • Done! Visit to create your store and begin invoicing.

For advanced users, you can connect via SSH with the information on, and:

  • Run docker ps and docker logs xxx to view running processes
  • Run and to stop and start the BTCPayServer

Approximate Cost (unpruned, Bitcoin-only, after Azure $200 free trial): 60 USD per month

After all your nodes have synced and you've confirmed everything works, follow this guide to fine-tune for savings; costs should drop to 30 or 40 USD per month.

Learn more: btcpayserver/btcpayserver-azure